Monday, 28 June 2010

Almost There

The last day before departure and it's been a pretty laid back affair as much of the hard work had been done beforehand. Time spent just picking up a couple of last minute bits and bobs and making arrangements at home to make sure that things run smoothly for Lorena whilst I am away. I'm sure they will probably run better than when I am there causing chaos.

Spent some time with my Mum who asked me to take a small and very old ring of hers with me as a good luck charm which was lovely of her. The SOS Talisman just has all my details in it in case of problems and the ring is my Mum's. The lovely thing about it is that it is going home to Paris, I hope. The ring is an old family item which started it's life, we understand on the Rue St Honore in Paris which is a very short distance indeed from the Champs Elysees where I hope to finish my journey, so I'm really taking the little ring home.

So, all ready for the big adventure which starts in the morning, still feeling very apprehensive but also very excited which I reckon is only natural. The people from SKINS, 1000Heads, Sports Tours International, and Piracy Corporation have all be brilliant in getting me to this point so I'll now go and turn those pedals as best I can and just keep on turning them hopefully until I see a big white arch at the end of a very long bumpy road and then I'll stop, wonder how the hell I got there, have a really big smile and maybe a tear or two and then, and only then, I'll relax a little...... maybe ;-)

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