Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday (not) Training

No training for me today, I'm just completely winding down now and what will be will be! Apart from anything today was the day to get the final packing done ready for the major part of my kit to be collected and taken to Rotterdam before I fly out on Tuesday.

I really want to make a start now, the waiting is almost over and I just want to see how I get on. I've looked over all the stages and this is going to be one hell of an adventure, the trip of a lifetime in the fullest sense. Have decided to take a "proper" camera with me (Panasonic DMC-FT1) and to allocate a bit of time to taking "proper" pictures as well as the ones I snap off with the BlackBerry which are the ones I post on here. Must admit that picture taking is often the first thing to go with me when I get tired but I'll do my best.

Just to let people know about my planned communications during the ride, it will be exclusively email based. I'll not be looking at Twitter or FaceBook online at all to keep data costs down. I'll be posting to Twitter using TwitterMail (also appears on FaceBook) and I'll be updating this weblog through a combination of making postings via email and through an autoposting preview of each day's stage which will appear at 05:00 each morning. The evening weblog posting will hopefully be a summary of the events of the day, and a general update.

So, that's the plan, we'll just now see how it all unfolds (or unravels!) and let things take their course and enjoy the experience. The planning is over, it's too late to change anything now.


  1. Hey Quentin! All the best on your journey - you must have been training a lot to be able to do this challenge!!!!

    Laters, dirk

  2. Thanks Dirk, not sure yet whether I can actually do it but I'm as sure as hell going to give it my best shot and you can't do more than that in the end. Thanks for the good wishes! Q