Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday (not) Training

Time for some more rest as my TSB is still down below -20 and I want to start unloading some of the ongoing fatigue from training in an effort to stay well and not pick up any avoidable bugs before departure.  It's been a little while since I published my performance management chart so the current chart is shown below. As you can see my TSB has been -ve for ages and the sharp spike in CTL brought on by the Tour du Nord is a recipe for depressing the immune system and leaving one wide open to passing infection, so it's time to rest.

I have a hilly sportive ride scheduled for the coming Saturday (Northern Rock Cyclone) which I may ride if the weather is half decent, mainly as a further long training ride but I don't particularly want to start the ride exhausted! My plan is to schedule training from Wednesday onwards to ensure that I have a mildly +ve TSB for Saturday and if the ride doesn't come off I'll just do a solid indoor ride to maintain my CTL.

Just 21 days to go and things are getting VERY exciting indeed here!

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