Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday (not) Training

Another rest day today and the opportunity to sort a few more things our ready for the "Leading The Tour" ride. Bought some spare HRM belt batteries and some new and spare batteries for my PowerTap hub as well as a couple of 1GB USB sticks which I think may well come in handy during the trip.

Went to a bike shop I've been going to for a while today to get a couple of things tidied up and was told that they wouldn't be able to look at the bike as the workshop was booked up until 16th June, that's over a week! Anyway, contacted a mate of mine and found the details of a shop he'd recommended previously and pottered off down there. The service was superb and I'll definitely be using them again, they even gave me a 10% on the spot discount in support of the "Leading The Tour" ride. The shop is called Cyclelogical in Forest Hall just outside Newcastle, as shown in the photo above.

Things are really hotting up now and it looks as if representatives of my sponsors, SKINS, will be coming to visit me soon to do a pre ride interview and take some video out riding on the roads around home which will be great fun! As soon as I know more about this I'll post details of where the video can be seen, I am sure it will be terrific, in spite of me being in it! I really never expected my experience of a lifetime ride to end up being the centre of such attention but it's all just fantastic and gives the whole experience another dimension completely, which I'm really enjoying. I can't deny that it does add to the pressure but hell, life is for living so let's get on with it!

The next few weeks will also see me making another trip down to London to meet up with my sponsors and to finalise details of activities during the ride, and soon after that the wheels will be turning in anger :-)

TSB steadily recovering now, I'm planning to do a 90 TSS session on Wednesday and then a 75 TSS session on Thursday. With a rest day on Friday I'll have a TSB of +12 on Saturday which will be about right if the sportive ride goes ahead, at least according to the numbers I'll be Ok! :-/

Acute Training Load: 103.7
Chronic Training Load: 103.7
Training Stress Balance: -10.5

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