Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesday Training

Grim weather again today, especially for June, so it was back to the VeloTron. I'm afraid to say that this session really didn't go very well and seemed an awful lot harder than when I've done this ride before. It's never nice when this happens but it has to be taken on the chin and explanations looked for.

Now that my TSB is pretty much neutral I'd have thought I'd be feeling better but it was not to be. Why is this? It has to be either some residual fatigue, a loss of some aerobic capacity as a result of unstructured road riding, illness, lack of sleep, nutrition etc. etc. I think the most likely culprit is the lack of structured L3 type riding recently and that is easy to address. The other possibility of course is that I was just not on a very good day!

So, what to do? For starters I'll be doing some more regular turbo sessions and see how things go, not high TSS sessions but quite high intensity work to top off my training. In addition my long term plan at this stage has always been to ease right off well before the "Leading The Tour" ride and to allow my CTL to fall somewhat so that I arrive at the start line fresh :-)

I am confident that all be well and I'm not going to worry on the basis of one session, I'll just remain confident in all the work I have done and think lovely thoughts about fields of sunflowers, I'm sure that will do the trick ;-)

Ride Time: 01:30 hh:mm
Work Done: 1239kJ
Training Stress Score: 92.1
Intensity Factor: 0.783
Normalised Power: 239W
Variability Index: 1.04
Ride Distance: 33.39 miles
Cumulative Tour Distance: n/a miles
Elevation Gain: n/a feet
Cumulative Tour Elevation Gain: n/a feet
Maximum Power: 416W
Average Power: 229W
Average Heart Rate: 148bpm
Average Speed: 22.2mph
Acute Training Load: 102.4
Chronic Training Load: 103.4
Training Stress Balance: -0.1

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