Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday (not) Training

This is the life, I love rest days, I should take them more often :-) Could I have ridden another century today? Yes, definitely, but it's nice not to have to! Now is the time to detrain a bit and to get plenty of rest, I think I've done all the hard work I can and all I can hope now is that it has been enough so it's time to put my feet up for a few days and to get plenty of sleep.

Generally preparations are going very well, still not been able to track down any files for my GPS so I'm just going to have to knuckle down and do them myself. I can't wait any longer in the hope that something will become available so I'll just do them myself, quite a performance though and very time-consuming.

The real missing link at the moment is the lack of any detailed information from Sports Tours International about my accommodation etc. but I am assured that things are in hand though I would have liked things earlier, not much I can do about that other than to hope!

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