Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday (not) Training

After the exertions of the last 4 days I reckon I deserved a rest day today and maybe tomorrow also :-) Time now to let my TSB recover from it's shockingly low level today after the Tour du Nord, it is down at -68.7, unbalanced indeed.

The effect of the Tour du Nord can be clearly seen on my current PMC below, my current CTL has risen to a high level at 111.9 with an ATL of 166 TSS/d. These figures will become the norm during my "Leading The Tour" ride and I am pleased to say that I felt this morning that I could certainly have got back on my bike and continued riding.

In terms of practical preparations for "Leading The Tour" things are going well and I had some excellent news today. Sports Tours International have kindly agreed to collect a lot of my gear from a local station and to transport it to Rotterdam for me which will make a huge difference to my travel arrangements and comfort. Now THAT is what I call good customer service.

There have been further exciting developments on the sponsorship front for the "Leading The Tour" ride and again I will share details when things are finalised in the next few days. It is looking very promising that in additional to the promised clothing sponsorship that I may also be going to be supported by a major manufacturer of pro tour racing cycles and also a cycling shoe manufacturer of similar stature. This is all coming as a complete surprise and bonus to me and is not something I had ever expected, all hard to take in really but I'M LOVING IT!

My main focus now is to stay fit and well, to maintain the fitness I have carefully built as you can see above, and to arrive at the start fit, well, and raring to go. The 3 keys to the entire ride are going to be pacing, pacing, and pacing.

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