Tuesday, 11 January 2011

CompuTrainer and VeloTron 3D Signs - Free Download

Well I've now finished messing about with the CompuTrainer 3D signs feature and have created a few text signs to keep people entertained as they ride along on their CompuTrainer 3D courses. I've put all the signs into a small ZIP archive and they are freely available to download if anyone wants to use them.

If you want to download and use them it's extremely simple. In the CompuTrainer 3D package options screen you need to have the "signs" checkbox selected for a start. All you then need to do is download the file from the link below, copy the file into the folder C:\CompuTrainer 3D V3\data\signs and unzip it there, the individual files will appear in that directory along with any others you may already have in there.

You will find when you ride a 3D course the signs will appear spaced at regular intervals in the order of filename. So, the signs in the zip file will appear in number order, you can change the numbers if you wish or remove any files from the /signs directory that you don't want to show.

When you don't want to show signs simple uncheck the signs checkbox in the 3D programme options screen.

Simple, enjoy!

To download the signs as a ZIP archive, click here.

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