Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Raid Alpine Stage 2

Another super day here in The Alps, this picture was taken looking back towards where I had come from as I climbed the Cormet de Roseland before the long descent into Bourg St Maurice.

Very hot again today which made the last climb in particular rather a drag as it was on a busy road leading up to Val d'Isere but as is always the case the top always comes in the end. Staying at a little place called Le Reculaz which overlooks a man made lake generating clean HEP energy.

The descent off the Cormet de Roseland was long (about 20km) and spectacular, very enjoyable and I also noticed gentians and orchids by the road, I hadn't seen gentians since Lorena and I were last walking in The Alps. It's so easy to just pass these things if one is in too much of a hurry and I'm enjoying riding at a steady pace.

Seems strange after the TdF ride in 2010 that I've been riding for just 2 days and already I'm a third of the way through the route, that took me a week last year!

Anyway, tomorrow takes us into Italy, to Cesena Torinese, slightly longer stage again but slightly less climbing and the majority of the climbing comes in the first half of the route with another drag to the finish, should be fun!

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