Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Graeme Obree - A Brief History - Episode One

This recording was made when Graeme Obree was the guest of honour at the Barnesbury Cycling Club annual awards presentation. This is the first episode of a fascinating insight into this world famous cyclist and covers the start of his career, his first cycling club and his first race as a schoolboy.

Graeme mentions his first open race win at the age of 17 and how we used to scavenge tyres as well as his early races to raise money. Later in the video Graeme recalls how he began to innovate as a cyclist and how Chris Boardman took him out of his comfort zone as well as his problems with sponsorship

At the end of the video Graeme starts to talk about his decision to tackle the world hour record and the initial realisation that he simply wasn't good enough and how he decided to tackle this.

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