Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Graeme Obree - A Brief History - Episode Two

This recording was made when Graeme Obree was the guest of honour at the Barnesbury Cycling Club annual awards presentation. This is the second episode of a fascinating insight into this world famous cyclist and covers moments in Graeme's career such as the building of "Old Faithful" from washing machine parts and Graeme's unlikely career move when he began training as a receptionist.

The presentation refers to Graeme's doubts about whether he was in fact good enough to achieve his objectives and notably how he once trained at night through a blizzard, an episode where he concluded that punctures are actually sent as character tests. During the recording Graeme recalls details of his first our record attempt and his breaking of the world sea level our record as well as his successful record-breaking ride much of which he contributes to the power of the mind.

Later in the video Graeme covers what he refers to as the social shock of celebrity and its impact on him and then the events which led up to the banning of his revolutionary time trial position.

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