Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Graeme Obree - A Brief History - Episode Three

This recording was made when Graeme Obree was the guest of honour at the Barnesbury Cycling Club annual awards presentation. This is the third episode of a fascinating insight into this world famous cyclist and covers moments in Graeme's career such as the stand he took when he joined a professional continental team when taking performance enhancing drugs was commonplace.

Graeme talks about how he looked at the problem of bike design afresh in his quest to find a way of going faster after the banning of his original time trial position, developments which led to what came to be known as the Superman position. Graeme reflects candidly on what it was like with the British Cycling team when the team had no money for even the basics and tells how at times he was prepared to ride to the point of killing himself rather than face failure.

Graham reflects on how he feels he was robbed of his career by the scourge of drugs when he realised that he was riding at a huge physical disadvantage and finally in response to an audience question talks about the practice which was known as "race fixing".

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