Saturday, 17 December 2011

Am I A Millionaire?

With the newspaper this morning came one of those free scratchcards which gives you the chance to win a variety of prizes including £1 million, I am always extremely sceptical of these and generally throw them in the bin. However, for some reason this morning I thought I would scratch off the panels and the result is shown below.

As you can see on the middle panel I matched 3 symbols and on the lower panel I matched two symbols, both of these apparently entitle me to a variety of prizes. There is of course the usual telephone scam applying to the “claim your prize" hotline, calls from a BT landline cost £1.53 per minute and the maximum (and therefore minimum) call length is specified as 6 min, the minimum time to claim is stated as 5 min and 40 seconds. There is the option to write in to the claims office enclosing a stamped addressed envelope and I'm just wondering whether it's worth a punt for the cost of 2 second-class stamps.

My gut feeling is that I might as well put this in the bin but then again if I do that I would just never know would I?

Any advice?

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