Saturday, 17 December 2011

John Lewis Customer Service

Readers of this weblog will know that I recently purchased a Panasonic HX-WA10EB-K video camera and had a problem with image sharpness when using the camera in stills mode shooting in 16:9 format, the images were markedly unsharp at the left-hand edge though the video performance was good.

I raised this problem with Panasonic and the problem was referred to their technical experts who concluded that the appearances were probably caused by a lens fault.

There was a significant and disappointing delay in Panasonic's response and prior to actually receiving their response I took the matter up with John Lewis. I have always found my dealings with this company to be excellent, they always take customer service extremely seriously and make every effort to resolve matters in a timely manner.

On this occasion I am delighted to report that John Lewis once again dealt with the matter speedily, efficiently and in a most courteous and helpful manner. I made a number of telephone calls to both the Newcastle store and the online service, John and without exception all the staff I dealt with could not be faulted.

John Lewis arranged a replacement camera to be provided promptly and without question or hesitation, I could not have possibly wished for better customer service and it is for this reason that I will continue to shop with John Lewis in preference to many other stores. Good customer service really is worth paying a premium for but it has to be said that in the case of John Lewis one doesn't even have to pay a premium as the store will price match and guarantees that they will never be knowingly undersold.

One final point which is worth noting is that included in the price of these types of goods John Lewis extends the manufacturer's warranty up to 2 years, one can genuinely buy with confidence with this level of support.

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