Sunday, 11 December 2011

Panasonic HX-WA10 Trial

Well, Panasonic have so far proved to be completely useless in terms of customer service which is disappointing. I've followed all their procedures and submitted my original sample file and heard a big fat nothing. So, all I can do now is fall back on the customer services of John Lewis and hope they can get some sort of answers, here's what I have sent to them:

Using the click and collect service I recently (02.12.2011) ordered a Panasonic HX-WA10 video camera, the order number was *****678. I collected the items without any problems.

I have now used the camera a little and performed a couple of trials and in one aspect of performance I am very disappointed and I believe the camera may be faulty. I have taken this up with Panasonic who have been worse than useless.

The problem is with the still pictures when shooting in 16:9 format, the left hand side of the image is markedly unsharp in comparison with the rest of the image. I sent a sample to Panasonic who said it would be looked at by their "technical people" but I have heard no more. I bought the camera for a forthcoming holiday as I wanted to shoot both video and stills on a single unit in the same image formats but the quality of the still image on this unit in 16:9 format is not good enough as you will see. 

The initial response from Panasonic was allocated the following reference: JFAR-8P9C4Y and the matter remains unresolved. Panasonic asked me to email them the original file which I did but I have heard absolutely nothing more from them. I also made an image available online which illustrates the issue though not as well as the original image as the online version is compressed but you will still see that the left hand part of the image is blurred. You can view the image online here: I can send you the original file if you wish to see it and examine it in more detail.

I hope this can be resolved, I'm getting nowhere with Panasonic at all.

We shall see what happens.

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