Monday, 2 January 2012

Blu-ray and me...

I've not yet gone down the Blu-ray route, I can't be bothered with the cost of disks, having to buy a burner for my own videos, and a player. YouTube does me, and my HD videos are safe and sound sitting on Google's servers. I'm planning on using the new generation of Internet ready HD TVs so I'll be able to look at my 1080p videos directly off the Internet so I'm missing out Blu-Ray burning altogether and I'll probably wait about 5 years before getting an Internet ready TV and I'll then access my videos directly. Broadband should be universally faster and cheaper then too :-) This is another reason to upload 1920x1080p video, I just wish YouTube would support 50fps, but that will come I'm sure. I reckon YouTube or a similar technology may well be the major "non-live" TV provider of the future and all the movies will be accessed this way and the Blu-ray technology will be cast aside, just like Betamax.

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