Friday, 29 June 2012

Is it just Me?

Sometimes I really do wonder whether it's just me that gets affected by things like this. No matter what I order, almost invariably something seems to go wrong even if things are apparently extremely straightforward. I recently placed an order for an item, a not inexpensive item, and there was a choice of models which I believe was very straightforward, in essence the item was available in either green or blue. I placed my order, I spoke to the company on the telephone, I even e-mailed them and throughout these communications the fact that I wanted the item in green was made plain.

I waited about 8 days for the item to eventually be delivered in two large packages. I'm sure you can imagine that I was a touch disappointed to read, emblazoned across the outside of the box, the word NAVY. Trying to be charitable I opened the box to make sure that the contents matched the box and was met with a large blue bag, still hopeful I opened the bag and the contents were, blue.

I really do despair that something which is apparently this simple can still go wrong and I sometimes fear for the future is of all of us!

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