Sunday, 23 September 2012

RacerMate One

I'm delighted that as part of a recent CompuTrainer purchase I now have available the new RacerMate One software which I'm looking forward to trying out in due course.

From a  personal point of view the big deficiency at the moment is VELOtron use is currently unsupported as are Course Creator and MultiRider applications which the documentation says will be supported in a later release. The worrying aspect of this to me is the length of time it took to get release #1 (4.0.2) released, the waiting was endless.

The good thing is that the existing legacy packages can still be used to create courses and I understand that RacerMate One will then ask whether to import and store a new version of the course in the software.

A further disappointment is that the documentation says that RacerMate One is fully functional and tested for the "Home User" market, or up to 2 riders. I'm not exactly clear what this means but it certainly seems to mean that it no good for even a small studio and definitely no good for a CompuTrainer/VELOtron mixture, which are both fully supported by ErgVideo.

It will be a while before I decide to install and use the software but I'm delighted to have a fully licensed copy available which will allow me to receive the software upgrades as and when VELOtron support becomes available.

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  1. i was contemplating purchasing RM1, but i got the impression Velotron support was not there. I decided to wait for the time being. i mostly use my Velotron with ErgVideos which are very enjoyable. But i am curious to use RM1, but will wait a little longer!