Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nesquick for Training?

I've not drunk Nesquick for years and I saw some on the supermarket shelf the other day so I thought I'd buy a tub and see if I still liked it, I do! It seemed to me that it's pretty much the ideal drink to have at any time but that it might be particularly useful as a recovery type drink after any sort of exercise, or a as a quick meal replacement.

I've just been checking the labels and it seems to have all the right sorts of things in for people in training and it would definitely save buying "special" recovery drinks and the like and it certainly mixes up very easily and tastes great!

I mixed mine up in the blender in an instant using 300mls of milk (semi-skimmed) and about 25g of Nesquick powder and I reckon that's going to provide about 235kcals. About 30g of the calories will be sugars so it's Ok if it's being consumed straight after or even during exercise :-)  The drink will contain 10-15g of protein so that's all good and then of course there are also added vitamins and minerals in useful quantities.

I've not done any kind of cost comparison but it seems to me that this is a useful and readily available addition to a cyclist's food cupboard.

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