Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Scan and Save

I don't know about you but I'm terrible for writing notes on bits of paper, some of which are quite important and some of which are trivial. Needless to say this arrangement quite often results in me looking for said bit of paper with said note on it, usually without success.

I seem to have accumulated various notebooks with even more various notes in them and I decided today as part of my "get more organised" scheme to sort the whole lot out. I decided to go through all the damned notebooks and rip out the pages which contain useful information and then scan and upload them and get rid of all the paper.

This means that all the notes I make when I'm trying test out say different video formats etc. should, in theory at least, then be easy to find when I come to need them. The problem with my current "system" is that I might work something out which takes ages, make some notes "somewhere" and then when I come to do it again I've forgotten how….. and I've lost the notes :-(

Same goes for receipts, the ones that really matter which have long warranties when something does go wrong it's pot luck whether I can actually mind them, I usually can but it's often not easy. So, they are being treated the same and they are getting scanned and the originals are being binned.

The worst of all this is now done, all the notebooks, bits of paper and receipts that have been hanging around have now been dealt with. I'm switching to a single notebook (Black n' Red, perforated) and I'm no longer going to write on bits of paper, if it's worth writing it's going in the single notebook. The book is perforated so when there is a fair bit in it I can easily just tear out the pages and scan them and get rid of the paper. This way, in theory at least, the clutter will be gone and I'll at least know that their is only one place to look for "that important thing I wrote down".

Well, it's worth a try!


  1. Have you tried 'evernote'? I think that has hand-writing conversion built in and allows you to access all your notes, web clippings, etc.

    1. No, not investigated that but I'll have a look. Problem I've found before with that kind of thing is that they tend to be vey inaccurate and you spend so much time teaching/correcting them that it defeats the purpose. I shall investigate though, thanks!

    2. Just had a quick look, looks a bit complicated for what I need/want to do.