Friday, 5 January 2007

10 x 1km Intervals...


Well I have survived the 10 x 1km interval session I had planned, they really aren't much fun at all but that seems to be pretty true of most sessions that are supposed to be "good for you"!

Slight improvement on the last of these sessions I did, the times can be checked on the link to the felt, I think the key thing is that I was managing to be pretty consistent from the first to the last. My bike speed on the turbo does seem to be limited by the cadence I can pedal and I think that's down to having a compact chainset on the bike, great on the road, not so great on the turbo maybe. I find that I'm pedalling at close on 120rpm at some points which on the highest gear I have is damn hard work.

I can't help but think that if I keep working away at this I will feel a whole lot different this Spring than I have done previously, let's hope so. I can't wait to see these again, mid April 2004 that was taken so over three months to go yet.

Managed to hit a maximum power output of 465W.

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