Thursday, 4 January 2007

Hmm... Greedy pig...


Been a bit of a pig this evening, managed to get through half a tube of Pringles as well as some Thornton's truffles which were part of the Christmas beanfeast. Still, never mind, I enjoyed them and I don't do it very often!

Did a bit of digging around in my training data this evening to see if my training volumes are shaping up as I had hoped at this time of year and things are looking pretty good and most of all are looking pretty consistent.

The graph below summarises my training over the last three months, I was ill in September but since then I have made steady progress and have increased my training volume substantially without really noticing it too much, just by doing it steadily and slowly. Doubt I'll increase the volume much more now but will stick with this for a while and then start to reduce the volume and increase the intensity, won't that be fun!

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