Friday, 26 January 2007

Friday Training...


That was really hard, one of the hardest sessions I have done. I completed a 10 mile time trial on the turbo, had a 15 minute recovery, and then completed a 5 mile time trial, I was utterly spent by the end of it. To check out the results use the link on the left of the blog, you'll find the figures under "10 & 5 mile Turbo TT results".

Bit sad that in spite of all the hard work over the last month my time for the 10 miles on the turbo has only come down by a miserable 44 seconds, all that work on a stationary bike for 44 seconds! I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am completely bonkers! Never mind, maybe it will all seem worth it when the sun is out and I'm sailing along effortlessly whilst others struggle in my wake. Hang on, I think I'm dreaming again....

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