Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Wednesday Training...


Another day another session and so we roll along. I was reading Mark Liversedge's blog and he is off to Lanzarote in the morning for a training camp in the sunshine, sounds brilliant. Bit better than what's on offer here which is high winds, rain, with snow forecast for the weekend, long live the turbo trainer! Really hope Mark makes it up Alpe d'Huez, he's certainly giving it a go. His idea of climbing Alpe d'Huez at forty has give me a germ of an idea, what about the Alpe d'Huez at 50? That would be me in July 2008 and you never know I might give it a blast, God willing, be agreta way to spend a birthday and I'm sure DLW would support it.

Anyway, today I've done another hour on the turbo trainer. I did a steady session with just a half dozen simulated 2 minute "climbs" with 3 minute recoveries at about 200W for the climbs and recovering at 130W which is the nicer bit.

Pretty Ok session, no problems apart from feeling tired due to a lack of sleep. On call last night and was called in at about 22:30, didn't get home until about 13:00 and had to get up at 05:10 to do my training session, not ideal preparation and feel pretty whacked now, oh for a good night's sleep. Thing is you either make these sacrifices and get on with the job or you don't train and if you don't train you just go down the pan.

"Speak" soon.

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