Saturday, 17 February 2007

Saturday Training...


And the weekend comes around again and off I go with John, meeting up with Keith down at Amble. We bumped into Dieter, Peter, and Ian at our start point which was a nice surprise and finally got to speak to Dieter who I have heard so much about, I think he came fourteenth in last years Fred Whitton which is just stunning. I'm really hoping to get to ride with him, he likes early starts, as I believe with him being so good it will make me work very hard which should, in theory, get me fitter, if I don't just get dropped. Hoping to go out with him next weekend, I'll wait and see whether he meant what he said.

Anyway, we did our 48-ish miles and I was very surprised at how good I felt, I thought I'd be tired from yesterday but I was fine and I was surprised at how low my HR stayed suggesting that I am recovering well. At some points in the ride I really felt very strong and was pushing along well, I actually think I am finally getting somewhere! Even the final climb of Shilbottle didn't bother me at all.

Out with the Tri Club tomorrow so we'll see how John and I are now going in comparison with those guys having put some good solid training in since we last rode with them, should be a good ride.

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