Monday, 23 April 2007

Monday Training


Hmm... that did not go as planned at all. Today was scheduled as a rest day and I thought I'd do a very light spin, well, you know how it is, especially when you are just getting used to a new toy.

Anyway, the CompuTrainer got the better of me and I ended up riding one of the 3D courses I'd created, all 18.5 miles of it. I rode it very gently against a pacer rider set to ride at an average of 150W so no great harm done I hope. I certainly wasn't working hard as my average HR for the ride was 112BPM with a maximum of 134BPM so hardly burning up the tarmac.

So, at least I've learned a few more bits and bobs about the machine which is good and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it, it really was good fun. I've never said before about a session on a stationary trainer, even better not having to pack it away afterwards!

Just for the record the circuit I rode was the Rock Circuit and I saved the performance file so I might ride against myself one day to check out how that works.

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