Saturday, 14 April 2007

Saturday Training


Time to do the hilly Figure of Eight ride again. John, Keith, Glenn and I rode it and the weather was fantastic. I felt I went really well and I was very flattered when I was told that there had been a discussion behind me pondering over what I was on!

I seem now to be climbing really quite strongly and my body weight today was 79.2kg so still quite a few pounds heavier than I would ideally like to be though my weight is going up at moment, must get that under control!

Today's route was 57.7 miles and had about 5300' of climbing in it, some of it very steep. Our average speed was 15.3mph which could have been higher but there was some waiting for one or two of the group, my average HR for the whole ride was 140, the ride took us 3:46. The last time I rode this route (with John) it took us 4:06 at an average speed of 14.1, my average HR was exactly the same.

So? Progress?

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