Saturday, 28 April 2007

Saturday Training


Level 2 road ride planned for today and I think today was the day I hit the buffers. Seemed to be going pretty much Ok but started to fatigue quite early in the ride and I think there is some tiredness starting to creep in. Towards the latter part of the ride I was struggling to maintain my HR at the required level consistently so had to back off which was a pity.

Funny thing about the ride today was that I was with John who has been doing far less training over the last 2 weeks as he has been away working in Barrow-in-Furness. Pretty galling to find that he seemed to be going more strongly than me today,, the opposite of recent events in spite of all my work.

I'm confident that this is just down to a build up of tiredness but it's amazing the effect that rest has. Another alternative is to do far less training, drink beer in the evening, and have a cooked breakfast every day, it's worked for John over the last fortnight!

Hopefully I'll get the same benefit when I back right off in the week leading up to "The Big Freddy" in 2 weeks time. Feel really tired now, not sleeping too well either which doesn't help.

Distance: 47.1 miles.
Time: 02:33:34
Average HR: 142
Average speed: 18.4
Average cadence: 89
Ascent 1581'

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