Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday Training


Time for the long ride of the week and the plan is to spend 5 hours in the saddle today. I thought this was going to be a solo effort John being away but received an SMS at 07:15 from David D asking if I was going out. We arranged for him to call for me and off we went.

However, disaster struck when his rear tube exploded near Lesbury after only about 20 minutes. Close inspection revealed a tear in his tyre sidewall so his ride ended there. I carried on as to try to walk to his house and sort it all out would just have taken too much time and I would never have completed my planned ride, so off I went.

Felt I was riding pretty well especially given the exertions of yesterday and I kept this down to a level 1 ride (HR Z2) for the vast majority of the time. Things went well and I finally covered about 83 miles in 4:55 at an average HR of 135 and an average cadence of 86, the average speed for my ride was about 17mph which I was very happy with as a Z2 ride particularly as there was a significant Westerly wind which was getting stronger as the time went on.

So, more miles in the bank, feeling very positive about things, I reckon I'm heading in the right direction, did the ride on an energy bar and a couple of gels on top of my usual feeding routine. To check out the route click here.

Summary of this week's training follows:

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