Thursday, 26 April 2007

Thursday Training


Another level 2 ride on the turbo scheduled for tonight and again I stuck to 45 minutes and plan to increase this to 50 minutes next week, steady does it. Pleased that I keep coping with these sessions, I find then very hard for a while, then they seem to feel easier and so it goes on throughout the session though today I was feeling better in the last 10 minutes than I have previously, I could have continued but prefer to build the session length steadily.

Very slighty higher average HR than last time but also a slightly higher average power output so this all looks ok to me. I think I have now worked out a decent system for these session on the CompuTrainer, takes a bit of getting your head around as there is so much more to it than the turbo I was previously using, much prefer it though.

Session length - 1:05:00
Effort length - 0:45:00
Average effort HR - 152BPM
Average effort power - 257W
Average effort cadence - 90RPM
Average effort speed - 24.3mph

And so to bed...

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