Friday, 25 May 2007

Friday Training


Another day another high resistance session! :-)

Didn't go too badly really. I remembered an email exchange I had with a knowledgeable chap some while ago, I bet I can find it, yes I have, this is what he said:

For e.g., it may be that you'd expect to see a 10% increase in sustainable power (e.g., over 30 to 60-mins duration) over a 12-month period"

So, if he was right and if my current power at 150BPM is 285W that suggests that if I improve by 10% in 12 months my power output at 150BPM should rise to about 310-315W which would be an improvement of about 2W per month! :-) So, what that means, which we all knew anyway, is that I've not even got a chance of picking up an improvement for months! Ah well, that at least puts my mind to rest, I'll keep measuring things though!

Summary of today's session, bit more power at the start, bit less at the end, no worries.
  1. 90 RPM 310W
  2. 90 RPM 310W
  3. 85 RPM 300W
  4. 85 RPM 300W
  5. 80 RPM 300W
  6. 80 RPM 290W
  7. 75 RPM 290W
No peace tonight, the twins are arriving soon!

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