Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday Training


A good ride today, I feel fitter and stronger. I went with some trepidation as the stars of the Fred Whitton Challenge were on parade (Dieter, Ed, Ian) but as things worked out we held our own, certainly as well as we were going to. John and I rounded off the ride with a short extension loop which saw us cover 103 miles in a riding time of 5:45 at an average speed of 17.4 mph with 5,379' of ascent in the route, out fastest century ride by a large margin!

Strictly speaking this isn't what was planned for today but I have certainly done more than my scheduled 2 hours of L2 riding and the problem was that there is very heavy rain forecast for tomorrow so it seemed reasonable to get a long ride in today.

Feel pleased, legs will know all about it tomorrow but so what?! If you would like to review the route click here. The time and distance figures for the ride are my GPS data, my watch data isn't quite right as I managed, as usual, to forget to restart the watch after we had paused to wait for Keith.

Distribution of time in HR zones shown below, hard, but not unbearably hard...

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