Saturday, 11 August 2007

Saturday Training


Another 3 hours today with just under 2 hours done at level 2, rode the usual route down to Ashington and back through Pegswood and Longhirst, 56.5 miles.

Went pretty well I thought. Including a 30 minute warmup and a 30 minute cool down period the average speed was 18.8 mph. The average speed for the L2 effort ( 37.78 miles) was 21.1mph with my average HR for the effort coming out at 152BPM with an average cadence of 85RPM. Seems Ok to me. We rode taking 2 minute turns on the front which I find makes it possible to control my HR quite well and certainly makes training sessions like this more bearable, shared pain and all that!

Hope I recover Ok, have had the usual REGO but have been out and about all day and evening rather than resting, things to do and all that. Have 100 hilly miles to do tomorrow, in "The Summer Century" - wonder who will roll up?

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