Sunday, 12 August 2007

Summer Century Ride


The day of the Summer Century, a loop taking in Billsmoor and Carter Bar coming back through Wooler and Eglingham. In the end the weather was not bad, cool and cloudy for the first part, some rain at the lunch stop but then clearing in the afternoon for a smashing last part of the ride. 10 people rolled up, the group was of rather mixed ability but but had a smashing day out.

Tried to hang onto Ian on Carter Bar but couldn't quite manage it but held the effort until just below the summit and was very close to making it. Neil (just back from The Alps) held onto Ian and also Mike Hutton also who is now fully trained for P-B-P so there was no shame in that! Pleased to have held it for so long and am just a % point or two off holding him all the way up, I'll keep working away but I honestly think if I could manage to shed a stone I'd have been there yesterday, damn pies!

So, a good day out and looking pretty promising for the Cumberland Challenge. Feel that I have greater leg strength than I had and am able to push a bigger gear for longer so I'm on the right track, it's just slow work.

Outline date from today's ride:

Riding time: 6:37:45
Distance: 104.817 miles
Average speed: 15.8mph or 25.42kph
Pace: 3.48 minutes per mile
Ascent: 6826'
Max elevation: 1371'

My average HR for the ride was 127BPM so I really was for the vast majority of the time taking it extremely easy, my CyclingPeaks analysis indicates that I wasn't even pedaling for about 25% of the time!

To view some photographs of the ride click here.

Summary of training for the week follows, all 259.7 miles of it!

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