Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday Training


Couple of new arrivals this morning who had got in touch with me recently about coming out at the weekends, 2 nice blokes, Derek and Duncan. Couple of riders (Neil and Duncan) had to turn off early but 3 of us completed the ride, covered 72.8 miles at an overall average speed of 17.5 mph, average HR for the whole route was 133BPM, just about right for the long ride of the week. Could have ridden longer but had to get back for lunch as have people staying for the weekend.

Very pleased today with how I seemed to have recovered from the last 2 days. Felt good and didn't really seem to be fatiguing much at all, must be all the food I eat. Particular highlight was when a young bloke with all the gear flew past us with a smug look on his face, couldn't resit it, grabbed his wheel and over the next 4 miles the race was on, Derek was blown off the back immediately, John and I were in the hunt :-)

Data for the chase as follows, 3.8 miles, average speed 24.4mph, average HR 166BPM, average cadence 92RPM. Result? Young bloke realised we weren't such a pair of old farts after all, blew up in a most satisfactory fashion just before Ponteland. John and I had to stop and wait for Derek and the poor young chap rode past us looking somewhat crestfallen, might think twice about trying to fly past older blokes without speaking in the future.

Anyway, felt good for all of the ride, I reckon I'd be going pretty well now if I could drop a stone!

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