Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday Training


Weather just dreadful today, very high winds and rain threatened, also nobody to go out for a long ride in the country with so a pretty gloomy picture all round. the main thing was the wind which was blowing wheelie bins over, let alone people on bikes. The answer? The CompuTrainer.

Having done 2 level 2 sessions yesterday I decided to do another 2 hours on the turbo today, a recovery type ride in the morning and then another one hour of L2 this evening. As I type I have done the recovery ride and will be doing the L2 this evening, data will follow. All in all when tonight's ride is done I feel I will have put in a pretty solid weekend given the circumstances, 3 sessions of L2 isn't bad going.

A mate of mine I was chatting to the other day (really nice bloke) said something which implied that he feels that when he is trained up next year he will be in the same league as Dieter and Ian, this having been the case in the past, and not the league I'm in. He meant nothing by it, he isn't that kind of guy, but he has inadvertently given me my next target! ;-) I'd asked him whether he was going for a sub 6 hour CC next year and his reply indicated that sub 6 hours was a formality and that he would be a long way below that mark. As always, time will tell and hard work will deliver the answers.

Date from this evening's L2 session below, legs pretty tired now! Data pretty much identical to the first L2 session yesterday so not a bad outcome.

Peak 60min (233 watts):
Duration: 1:00:01
Work: 837 kJ
TSS: 72 (intensity factor 0.848)
Norm Power: 233
VI: 1
Pw:HR: 11.77%
Pa:HR: 4.62%
Distance: 21.934 mi
Elevation Gain: 177 ft
Elevation Loss: 299 ft
Grade: -0.1 % (-123 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 111 427 233 watts
Heart rate: 91 168 153 bpm
Cadence: 30 102 92 rpm
Speed: 9.6 23.9 21.9 mph
Pace 2:30 6:16 2:44 min/mi
Altitude: -122 177 85 ft
Crank Torque: 92 493 216 lb-in

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