Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sunday Training


Very windy and cold outside so confined to the turbo again. Rode UKRoute03 again. A bit surprised that as I rode it at a lower intensity than last time the TSS only came out at 121 which was a bit lower than I expected, compared to 136 last time I did it incorporating a L3 effort. Interestingly that even without the L3 effort the route tok me only 5 minutes longer than last time. Just goes to show the value of better pacing. Same route took just 5 mins longer in over 2 hours but average HR 139 rather than 150, much less stressful, lesson for La Marmotte! The comparisons on the power and HR distribution graphs between this ride and the ride I did on 22.12.2007 is stunning, what's going on?!

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