Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thursday Training


First "proper" threshold (L4) intervals! My threshold power range is 266-309W so decided to try and log a success here rather than a disaster and wrote a .erg file which set the CumpuTrainer to do the 2 20 minute intervals at a load of 275W. Also set it so that in the 2 minutes before each effort the load rose from 175 to 275 steadily, both 275W intervals were full 20 minute intervals, excluding the 2 minute ramp up in load the recovery period was 8 minutes. This was a jolly hard session but I made it to the end without my HR getting horribly out of control, I took my blood lactate level at the end of the 2nd effort and the reading was 6.6mmol/l which makes it pretty clear that these were indeed threshold(+) intervals. Next time I'm going to record the level at the end of the first interval too to provide a full picture, it may well have been slowly creeping up as it "felt" higher at the end of the 2nd one than the first. I felt that this session will have been beneficial though very taxing, I don't think I could have done this not long ago. Something I did which may have helped and which I shall continue is I boiled up 120g of pasta and took it to work and ate it 3 hours before the session. I've been doing some dietary analaysis and I am sure I don't eat the optimal volumne of CHO before training, not according to "The Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine" anyway! Interesting also that the "decoupling" figure for both efforts was less than 4%. The midpoint of my threshold range is 287W, I could possibly manage that if well rested, something to work towards, I think today was about as much as I could cope with without resting up a bit beforehand.

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