Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tuesday Training


Rode UKRoute13 which is 4 repeats of Lemmington Bank but on the turbo, route produced from a digital map as a GPX file and transferred to the trainer. Different to the road because of my gearing, Had to ride with lower HR and cadence but felt I had to apply much more pedal force so a different type of workout, more like the high resistance sessions I used to do. Lower recorded TSS than would have been the case on the road but there was no way I could get out with wheelie bins being blown around (Met office were right), would have been suicide on a bike. So, the turbo really came into it's own today, an interesting session. Checked results of previous climbs on the road, the ascent measured 1.07 miles. Checked times on CompuTrainer climb for 1.07 miles and times are practically identical! HR much lower but I think this is gearing related but at least the indication is that there is reasonable correlation between a real climbing session and a weather enforced indoor one, looking forward to finding out how long it actually takes me on the road though! Previous 4 road climbs: 6:36/6:52/6:54/6:58. Today's CompuTrainer climbs: 6:42/6:48/6:55/6:59!

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