Thursday, 22 May 2008

Thursday Training


The night of the dreaded FTP test. Test peformed in accordance with the protocol in "The Bible" including the hard 5 minute effort prior to the 20 minute effort which just makes certain that you really aren't that fresh before you start! The last time I tested myself my average power for the 5 minute effort was 344W, and for the 20 minute effort was 295W which calculated out as an FTP of 280W. I did no special preparation for tonight's test and have been continuing with my normal training plan, it is reasonable to think that if rested, as for an event, my figures would be at least a little better. Anyway, there has been an improvement! Tonight my average power for the 5 minute effort was 361W and for the 20 minute effort was 312W, this calculates out out to give me a current unrested FTP of 296.4W which I'm very happy with. What does this tell me? This tells me that I am making steady progress and am getting very close to the figure of 300W which is my current target. More importantly I am where I am without performing high intensity training in any significant volume and without resting more than I would normally prior to the test, this I think makes the figures reasonably realistic. I did another comparison during the test and collected data with both the CompuTrainer and the PowerTap. The PowerTap figures gave me a very slightly lower FTP of 294.5W calculated from a 20 minute average power output of 310W, not a difference I am going to worry about. Ok, so I'll continue my training arrangements and hope to see further steady improvements over the rest of the year, I should be well over 300W before The Tour in 2010. The time is approaching to do some more intense work, probably with a target power output of about 320W for longer intervals. I'll post the PowerTap/CompuTrainer comparison graphs soon, probably tomorrow. The CompuTrainer calibration figure before the test after warming up was 2.36 and after the test it was 2.35, I'm confident about the figures on this basis. Ok, I'm off to update my training zones, that will make things even harder!
To relive the whole horrible experience, without the sweat, click here.
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