Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday Training


Here's where I got to today!

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Solo ride today for the long ride of the week. Decided to take in some hills in the latter part of the ride so initially rode my Alwinton circuit (50 miles) but when I got back to Alnwick I headed over the moors to Rothbury, turned in the market square, and then rode back to Alnwick back over the moors which added a very hilly 24+ miles to the route. This ride was no picnic, it was VERY windy indeed (NW) and towards the end I got caught in a heck of a downpour but I'm just going to call it character building.

Covered a total of 74.32 miles according to the GPS I was carrying and my PowerTap recorded 74.38 miles so that's set up accurately enough for me now ;-)

I think this was a reasonable plan today, I found it hard going but I hope it will pay dividends in the long run, I think I'll be doing quite a bit of this type of riding for a while now.

Profile below, pretty bracing towards the end!

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