Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday Training


Last session of the build 2 week and it seemed to go Ok. No heroics tonight after yesterday's efforts, which delivered a TSS of 311. Stuck to 2x20 @ 250W and felt pretty comfortable, I now have 48 hours of recovery before commencing build 3 and then an adaptation week before trying to raise the stakes in the next training block, which will be the last before my last event of what has been a poor year in many ways. I'm also planing to do another HRV reading on Tuesday evening before my next session to see if my recovery is still going well prior to the next session.

Will try next week to start off by establishing my current approximate maximum 5 minute power, which I suspect is currently about 340-350W and from that I will establish the power level to use for my forthcoming L5 work. My plan is to establish the wattage I can hold for about 5 minutes and then do my L5 work by doing 4 minute efforts at that wattage, working up to doing 5x4 minute efforts per session, hopefully twice per week. I'm going to be making my long ride of the week a fairly hilly affair from now on and ideally will try to do one long hilly ride and one shorter one in the weeks to come, weather permitting. I think the road to Rothbury will be a regular feature.

That's the plan! You've gotta have a plan!

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