Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday Training


The threshold work continues and gets no more comfortable, no surprises there! Sticking with 285W using the ergometer mode on the CompuTrainer and did 2x15 tonight, trying to make sure I don't overdo things whilst still making progress. Pleased that my HR isn't going through the roof on my 2nd effort but still seems to be responding quickly and coming down in reasonable time and to a reasonable level after the effort so I'm showing no signs yet of overdoing it.

I find the ability to pre-prepare a .erg file with all the required loads and durations for the CompuTrainer to follow very convenient, I hate mucking about with settings whilst I ride, I like to just get on and do what's thrown at me. I've mentioned before that the only downside to this is that there is no option to adjust things during such a session if it gets a bit much so I think it's better to do a few sessions manually until the right power levels are established and then set a file up to do it all automatically. I'll revert back to the manual method when I think it's time to raise the loads a bit so that I can back of if needs be but otherwise I like preset sessions as they are very repeatable and you know where you stand.

So, sweet spot tomorrow and then we are back to the long ride of the week and creeping towards a slightly easier week ahead, but a VERY important week in my life.
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