Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wednesday (not) Training


No training for me again today, much easier to go and visit Mum after work and eat sandwiches and biscuits than do L4 work on the CompuTrainer! More L4 scheduled for tomorrow evening and that's soon enough, hope it will go Ok, I've scheduled 2x15 @ L4 and am hoping that after the decent session yesterday that these might start to feel very slightly more comfortable over the next few weeks.

I think I'll be plugging away at 285W as my L4 work for a week or so and intend to increase it by just 5W as and when either:
  1. They "feel" consistently more comfortable.
  2. My HR is consistently say 5BPM lower at the end of the effort.
  3. My measured blood lactate at the end of the 2nd effort falls below around 4.0mmol/l.
...or any combination of the above!

Hope all is going well for anyone who is reading.

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