Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tuesday Training


And so begins the third week of the (re)build phase, oddly enough I'm calling it "build 3" :-) Kicked off today with a HRV test which showed that I'm recovering pretty well, certainly the results gave me no cause for concern so I went ahead with my plan of trying to get back up to doing 2x20 efforts @ L4. Went pretty well really but is never going to be "comfortable". Did both 20 minute efforts @ 285W and didn't end up a pile of jelly by the end and finished in reasonable shape so happy with that at this stage, seem to have got over the Rothbury excursion.

Decided to redo a fluid loss test I did a while back to make sure I'm keeping on top of my hydration in these sessions so weighed myself naked (YIKES!) on accurate scales before and after the effort. I also weighed the liquid I consumed during the session to come up with an accurate figure for my fluid loss. The results are pretty startling really, as they were before, but they do serve to underline in red the need for adequate hydration when training indoors with a fan on, the results are as follows:

Weight (almost all fluid loss) "lost" during the session: 1.2Kg
Weight of liquid consumed during the session: 0.712Kg
Total weight lost during the session: 1.9Kg
Estimated fuid loss: 1.9 litres!

Session length: 75 minutes.
Fluid loss per minute: 25mls.

Pretty amazing, so, having consumed a large bottle of liquid during the session I was still dehydrated by over a litre after the session.

The other data I gathered was the blood lactate reading I had planned to do, the idea of this was to establish whether I am indeed doing these L4 efforts at or about my threshold which is the objective. I took the reading at the end of the second 20 minute effort and it registered 4.7mmol/l which I'm happy confirms that I am working at the right level, uncomfortable as it is! I'll redo this in about a month to 6 weeks and see how things look, no point in doing it more often than that.

So, pretty good session, went as well as it could have done and am now back on the 2x20s, I guess I should be happy about that! ;-)
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