Sunday, 31 August 2008

Cumberland Challenge - The Outcome


The day of the Cumberland Challenge dawned grey and wet, as expected, but I was happy with my performance and Dave Youlton, Scott Muller, John Straughan and I had a good ride sharing the work where the roads made it possible and helping each other along when we hit bad patches.

A summary of my data is shown above and I'm delighted with the 5:55 finish time, 6 hours was an ambitious target having finished in 6:20 last year and we made it with a little time to spare not having killed ourselves, quite!

I'm pleased to have finished the season's events on a better note and feel that my training plan is slowly delivering the goods. I hope over the Autumn and Winter to make significant strides and who knows, maybe aim for 5:45 in next year's event ;-)

I'm also pleased that I don't feel completely done in tonight and feel that I managed to get round today without completely thrashing myself into the ground, my peak HR was 17BPM below my maximum. Maybe my mates will have something to say about me being lazy!

Seriously, I think I have more to give and I also reckon that a dietary experiment, based on some reading and digging I've done may have something to do with the fact that I just never felt that I was going to run out of gas. The morning of the event of course I had a porridge and toast type breakfast but my experiment started the day before, 24 hours before in fact, this is what I had then. Who cares if it's a coincidence, it tasted great, fried bread was on a side plate! ;-)

Cheers all, and thanks to my 3 mates for a great ride!

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