Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday (not) Training


Back to work today and no training for me after yesterday, wondering when the official results will come out, be interesting to have a browse. Yes, September is here and it will be time to start giving some serious thought to the Winter training plan and my objectives for next year, hardly bears thinking about!

If I use the Cumberland Challenge as a barometer I guess I did better this year than last year and I am one year older, so that's double progress!

Looking back at my records I finished in 5:55 this year, 6:20 in 2007, and 7:11 in 2006 so that's real progress. Hmm.. so if I gained 51 minutes in year 1 and 25 minutes in year 2 my improvements are halving. That must mean that next year I will improve by 50% of 25 minutes, say 12 minutes and I'll finish in 5:43 in 2009!! ;-) Dream on baby!

Cheers all.

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