Friday, 1 August 2008

Friday Training


Back in the saddle getting back into some L4 work and I found it tough going after a few days off which was not really what I'd expected. I'm pretty sure that this was because I've been not paying as much attention to my carbohydrate intake over the last few days. Also with any rest period there is always going to be a drop off in things like muscle enzyme activity in the short term so I'm not worried. I think the next sessions will feel as different again and I'll gain in the longer term for having a break.

Longer ride of the week tomorrow but am planning to keep it to 50-60 miles and not to do the Rothbury extension so that I don't end up my lower volume week tired which is not the plan! Nice not to have to do my training in the evening today so can now get some quality loafing done, had a nice lie on the sun lounger in the garden today with the iPod, lovely :-)
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