Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Training


A sweet spot session comes round again and no real problems. HR a bit higher than last week's session but not worried about that, I'm now well and truly used to the huge variations in HR from session to session and from week to week and I no longer concern myself with them, they mean very little.

Having said that I am seeing a steady and consistent pattern when riding at say 250W and am noticing that my HR is now consistently about 8-10 BPM lower than it was at this load say a few months ago, a good sign I feel.

So the long ride of the week tomorrow so I'll meander around the lanes, no heroics, just keep plugging away. The forecast is, as usual, rain for the foreseeable future. Supposed to be going camping next week and it's not looking good for that at the moment, forecast is for wind and rain.

Went out for a substantial lunch today with Lorena and my parents which was nice so I shouldn't be short of fuel tomorrow! Good thing about L4 and L5 sessions is they do make SST feel more comfortable in comparison!
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