Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday Training


Long ride of the week and clocked up something over 70 miles in a little over 4 hours so that was fine for a L3 type ride. Rode solo and the wind was behind me for the first section up to Lowick which is generally uphill. I then turned to the SE and rode for the best part of 30+ miles down the coast (see map below) directly into a strong headwind which was not the greatest of fun!

Still, it's done and I'm back safely, amazing how much more time you have to spend pedaling when you ride solo, my cadence today was only below 20 (coasting) for about 12% of the time, in a group it's 25-30% of the time on average!

Felt generally quite strong today, was not particularly tired at the end but was in need of more liquid, completed the ride on just 2 gels, didn't need an energy bar, must have been yesterday's lunch being used up! TSS of 265 for the ride with my usual NP of about 240W and an average HR of 138BPM, happy with today as it's been quite a hard week, next week will be a bit harder though and then it's time to wind down a bit again.

Keep ploughing on...

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